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Wrist Malas Beads -Beaded Tassel

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Lapis, Lapis Guru Bead 8mm 10" fits to about 7 1/2" wrist $30 $3 shipping THE BEST MALA TO PRAY OR CHANT WITH

Citrine Amethyst 8mm " fits to about 7 inch wrists $30 plus $3 shipping CLEAN THE AURA-ALIGN THE CHAKRAS

Smoky Quartz Bali Silver 8MM 10" to about 7 1/2 inch wrist $30 $3 ship THE YOGA MALA

Aventurine Rose Quartz 8mm to about 7 1/2 inch wrists $30 $3 ship ULTIMATE HEART CHAKRA MALA

Sandalwood Carnelian Spacers Bali Silver -Old Jade Guru 8mm 12" to about 7 3/4" wrist $30 $3 ship YOGI'S MALA-FROM THE DAWN OF TIME


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