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How to care for mala beads including tassel care.

In many cultures malas are given as spiritual gifts.

Malas are often given as keepsakes and to heal and protect friends and loved ones, friend and others


If you have a spiritual teacher, it is traditional for you to request if possible, that he or she "blesses" your mala, to ensure that your meditation practice is free from obstacles. If not, you can "bless" your own mala by creating a sacred space, for instance- lighting a candle and then holding your mala over the candle or sacred smoke (not too close) Incense is another method. While you are doing this, say a quiet prayer and set your intentions that your use of this mala may bring benefit to all.

Malas are sacred objects to be treated with respect and taken care of. They should not be left lying around carelessly, placed on the floor or stepped on. It is customary to keep them in a pouch or pocket when not directly praying, chanting ,making jap or making affirmations with them.


A mala of semi-precious stones particularly should not be worn for everyday activities. These malas have healing properties and should be kept free of mundane vibrations. They do their work in your sacred space. Treat gemstone malas with care, as they bead can crack or break with force and the string as well.


Mala beads can be cleaned with a damp cloth. In most cases that cleaning is sufficient. If more is needed add a little bit of dish washing liquid to a warm solution of water and wipe the beads with a clean soft cloth.


When the tassel shows some wear you can wet and iron the strands and trim a strand or the entire tassel with sharp scissors if needed. Hold the mala upside down slide your hands down the tassel until almost at the end of the tassel and with a sharp pair of scissors holding the mala between your fingers trim the tassel.


Malas may also be kept in a clean handkerchief or sack used for that purpose only. Do not use harsh chemicals when cleaning your mala. Do not use anti-tarnish cloths as they will remove the sheen of the semi-precious stone mala beads

Please do not wrap your mala around your wrist to wear for long periods of time, as this stress can cause your mala to break or the string to stretch or break. Store your mala in its' pouch or case when not in use. Mala beads can be restrung.

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