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The use of sandalwood goes back to the very roots of spirituality. Sandalwood comes in many varieties including green and red.

I do NOT handle endangered sandalwood varieties. It is one of the most ancient prayer beads used since the dawn of time in India. It is slow growing has been used to the point of near extinction of some varieties.

Sandalwood is ancient and grows frequently on mountains and in moist cloudy forests.

Green and red sandalwood are lovely varieties. These are not deeply scented for a long period.

Sandalwood is used in healing it enhances spirituality, has historically been used in exorcism, the fulfillment of wishes, it is a protection wood and has historically been used in healing. It aids in meditation, intuition or psychic power, clairvoyage or spiritual site, protection and cleansing. It historically has also been used as an Aphrodisiac, awareness, meditation, peace and healing.

Sandalwood has been utilized by many of the earth's religious peoples including Hindus, Buddhists, to Zoroastrians, Aborigines and many more. Yogis and spiritual seekers have held it close since the dawn of time and has been called the prayer bead and has also been used in ayurvedic healing

Sandalwood: used in almost unlimited varieties of healing, soothing and relieves excessive prickly and ayurvedic heat. It has been used for fire in the temple, it is soap, essential oil, incense and much more. I helps with slowing down bleeding and urine flow. It historically is used in gastric irritability.