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Meditation is the elixir of the universe. It aids in relieving stress, depression, asmtha, high blood pressure and links the practitioner to the infinite within and without. The beneficial effects of meditation are virtually unlimited.

Meditation is a cosmic dance that calms and heals the mind, body and spirit. Instructions can be found in ancient like Hindu and Buddist texts and the old testament of the Bible. The ultimate goal of meditation is to realize you are God in whatever form you perceive the universal consciousness. You find God - the universal consciousness within you and in all others and become self realized.

MEDITATION: A very basic definition: A private or group mental exercise in which absorption and reflection techniques are used to reach a heighten level of spiritual awareness through contemplation and concentration.

The key to understanding meditation is to practice it. The experiences and joys of meditation differ with each meditator. This worldwide practice provides answers to questions and solutions to dilemmas through it's very essence.

The language of words can't substitute for the perception the consistant practice of meditation provides. In meditation the practitioner's goal is to remain conscious throughout the practice. If you fall asleep that's OK but the greatest fruits of meditation goes to the conscious aware practitioner.

The art of meditation has existed in most religions since ancient times. Meditation techniques vary from region to region and group to group but they do have a common denominator.

The common link between most forms of meditation is that they slow or halt the intense mental tape that runs through our minds (example: how to I pay the bills, what is for dinner and how to I deal with what the situation he, she, the job, the car etc created).

What is not generally realized is that the mental tape or thoughts we have don't usually go away instantly. Like all forms of exercise it takes practice and even meditators with many years of experience frequently need to slow the tape before the mind clears and focuses deepy and completely on the meditation. If the mind wanders observe the mind wandering and continue the meditation.

It can take just a few minutes or up to an hour or more depending on the mental and emotional state you were in when you started to meditate. It if for this reason that a chanting meditation is generally the most effortless. If it wanders practice gently bring your mind back to the chant.

So if you find you are still having thoughts during meditation it shouldn't be a disappointment at all.

The mental cleanse is one of the greatest rewards of the meditation practice. It is this cleansing process that presents solutions and answers to dilemmas. Consuming situations flow through our conscious mind from our subconscious mind as we come into a enhanced mental balance.

Meditation is simple, natural, effortless and easily adapts to your personal state of awareness. This process teaches you to relax, let go to worries, cares and find peace. As you train your mind to focus relaxation occurs, the breath regulates naturally and the systems of the body come into a greater balance allowing the bodys systems to come into greater balance.

It can be as simple as chanting "God, God, God", "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus", "Har, Har Har", Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam" or any other chant that refects your spiritual sacred space. When you chant you chant in an even tone at your own pace. The breathe should be even and will take care of itself. In meditation the focus is that the browpoint - the center point between the eyebrows generally speaking. Start with 11 minutes, when you are comfortable increase to 31 minutes and increase gradually as you are ready. 11 minutes is easy to do and works well with even a hectic schedule. You can do 11 minutes when you are active and add time when you have the time.

The goal of this article is not to promote any one style of meditation or group but to allow the practitioner to find a comfort zone within their sacred space.

Focus the senses and allow that focus to calm the mind. Try a chanting meditation preferably with a mudra (scared hand position like the position you put your hands in to say grace or say Amen) to focus on and perhaps eye candy in the form of a mandala (sacred eye candy). Burn a little incense or create a sweet smell.

Focus your mind on the breath. If you can control the breath you can control the mind. Think about it. Excited you breath quickly. A slow deep even breath can make a huge difference in your mental state.

Meditation allows the breath and the mind to calm and heal your body mind and spirit. It is a peaceful center point within the mind that is ever expanding conciousness.

What are the goals of meditation? Simply put peace and union with the divine within and without. In prayer we talk to the creator and the creative forces. In meditation we strive to allow the universe within and without to take the practitioner to an elevated state of awareness or consciousness.

Connecting - the sound current is an expanded radio like frequency or vibration that is both transmitted and received. It is the "Word" or prana that fills creation and resonates through all things. This sound current frequency is utilized while listening to the universe or chanting. It fills the practitioner with new and effective input. It finds the unstruck sound. Mantra makes a path between the seen and unseen world.

I traced the basics of meditation in this brief explanation and a few common meditation exercises to explore are given. This article is a work in progress.

It is helpful when meditating to do light physical exercise before meditating. Yoga warm ups or light stretching would also be very helpful and are my personal preference.

The reasons exercise is helpful in meditation preparation is another article. I know people who have successfully prepare for meditation with aerobics, running, walking, mountain climbing and exercise programs on TV geared to their age group and fitness level. Even a few stretches are helpful. Please take into account your age and fitness level before exercising.

Come sitting tall in a chair with the spine erect or on a wool or cotton mat on the floor in easy cross-legged pose with the spine erect.

A few more common forms of meditation are listed below:

Meditation can be listening to the unstruck sounds of the universe.

Meditation can be chanting to become the vibration of the sound and expand consciousness into infinity.

Meditation can be focusing on an object of symmetrical designs like a mandala or a Hindu yantra to create or view sacred eye candy

Meditation can be focusing on an object of faith like a picture of a Guru or diety that is often accompanied by chant.

Meditation can include reflection on who and what you are until only the truth remains

Meditation can be emptying the mind of all thought.

Meditation can be focusing the mind on a particular thought or mantra.

Meditation can include holding the body in a particular position.



Note: Just a few of the more common aids in meditation:

MANTRA Sacred Sounds

INCENSE: Sacred Scents

MANDALA: Sacred Shapes


I hope this article based on my 40 years of experience in various style of meditation has been of benefit. This is a work in progress.

I will be adding detailed techniques to try.

E-mail me with questions: I would enjoy hearing from you if you find this article of benefit or you have questions or ideas.

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