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Pictured is an 8mm natural turquoise mala with large Guru Bead and Bali Silver accents.

Turquoise is blue green to sky blue. Some turquoise is spidery and some is not.

One of the oldest known stones it has long been known as the stone of truth and believed to help you find your personal truth or the truth of a situation or person. It helps to find the truth within.

Ancient doctors would put turquoise over the eyes to prevent blindness.

Turquoise was ground into a powder to cure bites, stings, hip trouble, stomach disorder, internal bleeding, over acidity viral infections, gout, and cramps.


It is believed to have detoxifying effects

It was through that turquoise prevented injury from accident.

Turquoise was one of the oldest protection amulets.

A fading stone color was considered to warn the wearer of impending danger.

Others through the fading stone indicated trouble with a lover or close friend.

Ground into a powder turquoise was thought to cure many illnesses including stomach disorders, internal bleeding, ailments of the hip and bites and stings.

Turquoise is believed to protect the wearer from danger. In various countries, it is believed to fade when illness or danger is near.

Another belief is that a fading stone indicates a lover's faithlessness or a friend's disaffection


Turquoise helps you see your truth.


Silver or copper enhances the power of turquoise.