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Orange Carnelian and Lapis Lazuli 108 8mm Prayer Bead Mala Necklace.

Some gemstones work for the wearer even better together than separately. Lapis and Carnelian are two stones that vibrationally compliment each other like two foods that create a more complete protein together. Carnelian combined with Lapis enhances spiritual experience, prayer and spiritual awareness.


Carnelian is a form of chalcedony valued in the ancient world, has a vivid reddish orange color was popular for signet rings and seals. It was a form of chalcedony agate and was sometimes called sard or sardius. It was one of the power stones of the Breastplate of Aaron. (Exodus 28:15-30) It was among the gems of the King of Tyrus

Carnelian is a good luck stone and brings prosperity,

Carnelian is used for inspiration and helps with feeling connected to the spiritual world.. It balances the lower triange and situations connected with it including survival, love difficulties and the like. It is a career stone and excellent is helping to make decisions and choices. It stimulates action.

Carnelian protects against fear, rage and envy directed at you. It helps to banish sorrow from the emotional

Since ancient times it has been used to stop bleeding, carnelian was worn to prevent skin diseases, insanity or emotional trauma. It has been worn to grant courage and eloquence to the wearer, and was recommended for public speaking.

It has been used to recall past life experiences and learn about the cause and effect of situations. It helps with understanding of personal cycles.

Folklore acknowledges carnelian for relief of depression or grief. It helps lessen or prevent arthritis, and works on bones, limbs, joints and the circulatory system. It has been used for fertility. . It is good for the healing the cells of the body


LAPIS is the BEST STONE TO PRAY WITH. It is a stone that is traditional for royalty.

Lapis is for the upper triangle of chakras and has been used to prayer by saints and sages since the dawn of time. It was sacred in India, Israel and other countries. It is the stone of truth. It has been used as a touchstone to transmit a blessing.

Lapis comes in 2 varieties Lapis Lazuli and Lapis Linguis (Azurite). Lapis Lazuli is more frequently seen because it is the harder of the two stones and therefore the easier to make jewelry with. Lapis is a physically softer stone. Lapis Linguis or Azurite was mentioned in many of the Edgar Cayce readingings. He is known to have been wrong only 3 times.

It allows you to perceive emotional issues more clearly. Now, that does not mean it helps calm them or affect the type of emotions. It allows you to see them for what they are, clearly. It is like putting on glasses when one cannot see..

Lapis opens all the chakras and is excellent for the upper triangle of chakras. It is a stone good for the 5th chakra. It helps to open the 6th chakra during meditations. It is also for spiritual growth and the 7th chakra. It brings a higher guidance and intuition. It helps you to connect to the Higher Self. It helps to organize and quiets the mind and also brings self expression, helps with dream insights, writing and creativity.

It is the stone to enhance intuitive awareness and "psychic ability". It is one of the protection stones against negative energies or "psychic attack". It has also been used to help shield one from physical attack and danger. It combats depression.

Lapis is a health stone that removes sickness as well. It's a cooling stone, by this I mean it helps to draw fever out of the body. It calms the nervous system, helps with anxiety and insomnia. It can sooth autism. It also aids with speech and hearing difficulties. It helps clear old emotions and thoughts. It helps with feelings of giving up.