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Malachite Mala Necklace 108 8mm Semi-precious Beads

108 8MM Semi-Precious Bead

Mala Necklace



Malachite is often called the stone of saints.

Malachite is the stone of transformation and spiritual evolution. It is a stone of good fortune, prosperity, abundance and is soothing. Just wearing it or holding it calms the emotions and generates emotional balance and peace. It helps to heal past emotional wounds.

t is said to bring good fortune, prosperity and abundance. It is a strong powerful stone which prepares our mind and the chakras to accept knowledge and insights.


It helps remove subconscious blocks.

It creates balance. It balances the lower triangle of chakras. Chakra 1, 2, and 3.


It aids in stress and tension reduction. It is said to strengthen the heart and circulatory system.


Malachite is an influential grounding stone that clears obstacles and subconscious blocks...

Malachite is good for strengthening the immune system.. It is said to aid in tissue regeneration. It is a also a sleep aid. It is good for the spleen and pancreas


Malachite is often used for asthma. It is said to help with diarrhea.


ADVENTURINE GURU BEAD: Perception, creativity, Thymus, ALS, Ceberal Palsy, MS

CITRINE THE MERCHANTS STONE. Is one of the Healers stones as it provides protection for healers. It is the stone for business success.Citrine is reputed to dissipate negative energies.. It is for the naval chakra or 3rd Chakra. It is the stonefor getting things DONE Historically it has been used by healers. It is Sun energy and through the ages used to treat depression. It is the stone for PUBLIC SPEAKERS. Personal power and self confidence. It is a good stone for clearing the aura Citrine can help you manifest your goals. It helps to keep you cheerful. It is a prosperity stone and attracts abundance and personal power. It helps with depression, self doubt and anger. Citrine is good for the stomach and digestion. It helps sleep disturbances and nightmares. It is good for tissue regeneration and the immune system. It is an aid in removing toxins and overcoming ADDICTIONS.