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Onyx is chalcedony quartz. Onyx can also display white bands or ribbons against black and brown and this variety is called sardonyx.

Get grounded with onyx. It is also good for breaking habits that are not useful - bad habits. Onyx is a stone of protection and strength.

It is used for inner strength, focused attention, willpower, self-mastery, discipline and reason. Wear it when facing adversaries or in battle of any kind.

Onyx should be used with a conductor of a softer stone or silver (gold is good but not as good as silver) for maximum result.

Onyx is a stone of inner strength. It enhances your endurance and determination helping you to carry even difficult and monotonous tasks through to completion.

Onyx helps you focus.

Onyx is good for all the chakras. You could say it is a chakra oil or lubricant It is for the first - black onyx, third and sixth chakras specifically. Root (1st), Solar Plexus - yellow onyx (3rd), Third Eye - blue onyx (6th). Onyx (black) absorbs the all the colors and helps your chakra utilize them where needed...

Onyx has served as a "worry" stone through the ages. It has been heavily used in rosary beads.

Onyx is also a stone of physical strength. It is the stone of athletes. It helps conserve physical energy. It is good for recuperation after an illness. It is good as an aid to a weight loss .

Onyx is a useful tool in building personal power.

It is good for nervousness, anxiety, calmness and driving out negative thoughts.

Onyx is an excellent stone to carry into situations where you expect conflict.

It has been used for the heart, kidneys, epilepsy glaucoma, hearing, ulcers and cell damage.




Know also as milky quartz, white quartz and snow white quartz.

Snow Quartz is a gentler and feminine variety of quartz.

It surrounds the wearer with soft white light, making everyday problems easier to deal with.


It can bring balance male energies or strong stones.

It helpt to heal infections, helps concentration and mental stress, enhances pure wonder. Snow white quartz helps us see the world with wonder as a small child.


Snow White Quartz enhances tact and co-operation.


It can be used anywhere quartz crystal can be used as an alternative and works more gently as well.


White Quartz is used in the treatment of the circulatory system; It can be used to treat dizziness and vertigo. Snow Quartz aids digestion and elimination of toxins from the body. It is also said to help dandruff.