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AMETHYST (purple quartz) comes in a variety of colors. Amethyst including grape, cape and kunzite is a beautiful and rarer amethyst. Amethyst is one of the most highly prized of the quartz stones. Cape amethyst is a softer vibration than grape and kunzite.

Amethyst is for spiritual healing. It opens the sixth chakra to bring insight and enhance intuition.

It clears the aura and balances the energy bodies..

It is good for the immune system. It works on right brain activity and is said to dispel illusions.


Amethyst is good for self-esteem and getting centered. It is associated with the 4th, 6th and 7th chakra.


Amethyst is for meditation. It expands consciousness. It works on mental disorders and expands intuitiveness or "psychic development" as it expands consciousness.


Amethyst is said to work on blood clots and other disorders of the blood. It is helpful with addictions, particularly alcoholism and the like. It helps control anger and negative emotions. It is also used for seizures.


It has long been known as the spiritual stone and has been used since the dawn of time.



CITRINE THE MERCHANTS STONE. Is one of the Healers stones as it provides protection for healers. It is the stone for business success. Citrine is reputed to dissipate negative energies..

It is for the naval chakra or 3rd Chakra. It is the stone for getting things DONE Historically it has been used by healers. It is Sun energy and through the ages used to treat depression. It is the stone for PUBLIC SPEAKERS. Personal power and self confidence.

It is a good stone for clearing the aura Citrine can help you manifest your goals. It helps to keep you cheerful. It is a prosperity stone and attracts abundance and personal power.


It helps with depression, self doubt and anger. Citrine is good for the stomach and digestion. It helps sleep disturbances and nightmares. It is good for tissue regeneration and the immune system. It is an aid in removing toxins and overcoming ADDICTIONS.




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