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Spiritual Mental Healing keywords

Physical Healing



4 Healing Stones


 Turquoise, Lapis, Coral, Carnelian

 4 Stones that Heal and Die for you. General Healing both physical, emotional and spiritual. The benefit of all the stones.



 6th, 7th

 Amethyst-Spiritual Healing, meditation, spiritual power, legal problems, money issues,

 Immune System, the alcoholism, compulsive behaviors, and addictions of all kinds, posture and skeletal system




 Perception, creativity, blocks negative energy, release fear and anger,

Perception, creativity, Thymus, ALS, Ceberal Palsy, MS, muscular system, adrenals,,



 5th, 6th 7th 3rd eye

Best for prayer, intuition, psychic development , understanding,

 Liver, arthritis, joints, helps cancer,








 Links 1st - 4th chakras

Heals the healer, and self healing. , courage renewal., trauma, grief, confusion, legal issues

 Hemorrhage, nosebleeds, diseases of the blood, energy, blood pressure, kidney and bladder..


Blue Quartz


Lapis Quartz - 5 Thyroid, Throat, Base Power of "Sat Nam" - power of truth. Manifest the Impossible

throat, thyroid, parathyroid, detoxification, hyperactivity, spleen, endocrine system


Blue Lace Agate


Increase tranquility, reduce anger, communication intuition,inspiration, balance throat chakra, public speaking,

Reduce stuttering, nervousness, arthritis, skeletal conditions , hoarseness, arthritis, digestion. Reiki, dissolves old patterns


Blue Chalcedony Blue Calcedony

5th - 6th

 Balances mind, body, spirit, mental balance, clairvoyance, intuition, tranquility, good dreams, .protects from evil - particularly magic

 Eyes, open sores, bad dreams, , healing, alzheimers, lactation, gall bladder, mental stability, .







Chakra Mala

 1 thru 7

 Balance All Chakras -Heals Aura - Benefit of all stones on mala, All chakras are covered

Heal, balance and strengthen all the chakras and the aura.



3rd, solar plexis

 Citrine Protection for HEALERS, Merchants Stone - Success Business - Dissipate negative energies, willpower, clarity, good fortune

 Depression, self doubt, mood swings, nightmares, rejuvenates personal power , mental focus and Memory



 2nd, 3rd

 Symbolizes life, 4 stones that heal you. It balances positive and negative energies. Joy, happiness, prosperity. Balance internal organs, balance aura

 Heals blood and bloodstream. Yogi Bhajan called his red coral ring his "anti-smog device" Red coral. Love and prosperity. Helps with adoption and childbirth,. kidney, bladder, epilepsy, bone and bone marrow, eye problems and the respiratory system









Heals Chakras, Manifest, Raise balance kundalini

The stone of health, Purify blood, balances kundalini, bloodstream,









 staying grounded, heal aura, negative energy removal, creative thinking,

blood.disorders, blood, spine, spinal disorders, increase oxygen,









Heart gem, love, protection from enemies and protect on journeys,. long life, good luck stone.

Dream content and recall, , wisdom, long life, peaceful death, emotional healing , helps physical heart, .hold on to money, mental and physical fatigue.







Lapis Linguis


 Lapis Lazuli Upper Triangle - Lapis health stone.

BEST STONE TO PRAY WITH, heals sickness, see and heal emotions, intuition, psychic attack, draws fever and cools, anxiety, insomnia, autism, SINUS, shyness, enhance love


Lapis Lazuli


Lapis Lazuli Upper Triangle - Lapis health stone.

 BEST STONE TO PRAY WITH, heals sickness, see and heal emotions, intuition, psychic attack, draws fever and cools, anxiety, insomnia, autism, SINUS, shyness, enhance love








 1,2, 3

 stone of saints, good fortune, spiritual evolution, increased knowledge and insights, clears obstacles

 Stress, tension, circulatory system, asthma, diarrhea, spleen, pancreas, tissue regeneration




Power moon, feminine, adi shakti

 Childbirth, Pregnancy, pituitary, water retention, menstruation and hormonal problems.



 6th, 7th

REIKI flow, spiritual vision, career

 REIKI, nervous system, chakra balancing.



Chakra Lubricant - all

Get grounded, break bad habits, helps focus, endurance, wear it in a place of conflict. It is a "worry" stone.

 heart, kidneys, epilepsy glaucoma, hearing, ulcers and cell damage. The stone of athletes.









"God's Tears", balance emotions, create wisdom, the "feminine" balance female energies

End tears or depression, pregnancy, childbirth,treating the digestive track, internal organs,the muscular systems


Petrified Wood


 Reach goals, smooth your path, grounding, stabilizing emotions, business success. Use for past life regression.

PS some petrified wood sales is LEGAL

Physical energy, hip problems. bones, backaches, skin and hair

A like to the past.







Rose Quartz


Opens the heart chakra and balances emotions

 Emotional healing, prosperity, pregnancy, weight loss


Rutilated Quartz

3rd - balance speeds up all

 Cupids Arrows", Rutite enhances quartz usually gold can be various colors, energizer, balance speed up chakras,

Food disorders, digest food, mental issues,hang-ups, immune system, fatigue, depression, respiratory illness, helps loneliness, love








5, 6, 7

In many colors, meditation, expression intuition, motivator, heals the mind, true identity

Fevers, hearing, inflammation, cancer, burns, improves mental balance, relaxes mind, for strong bones, longevity. 


Snow White Quartz also Quartzite


good fortune, Absorb lessons, purity, purification, meditation, enhance innocence, protection

Calming, soothing, Good CHILDREN, heal infections, immune system, concentration, mental stress, enhances childlike wonder, insomnia



 5th, 6th

 Communication, misunderstandings, end argument,s truth stone,, balance true feelings, enhances logical thinking

head colds, glands, digestive system, insomnia. calcium deficiency, head colds, .good to pray with


Smoky Quartz


For depression, removes negative energies, psychic protection, good luck stone, grounding

Lower torso, sex organs, pancreas, abdomen, fertility, menstrual cramps. Regulate body fluids








All, Aura, 3rd

 Keep out negativity, battle - regardless of kind of battle, witchcraft, evil, negative intentions, protection for travelers

 aquire optimism, kidneys, alleviate cramps, headaches, bronchial asthma, psoriasis. weakness, sickness, kidneys.



 5th - aligns all chakras

 Helps see the truth, protects from danger, Clear Communication. The sacred stone. The truth stone

 BLINDNESS, eyes, hips, bleeding, stomach, bites, stings, over acidity, cramps. Helps you walk your talk.







Eary in life I was taught about healing with gemstones. The stone is worn until the person absorbes the healing that the stone offers at the time. At this point the stone would be misplaced until needed, lost forever, interest would be lost or the mala or the stone or jewelry would be broken. Please remember that healing gemstones are an AID in healing, Healing stones add to but do not replace other forms of healing. I have seen miraculous results with gemstone healing.

As I matured I became aware that stones used with prayer, meditation or affirmation were more powerful. Gemstone mala beads are not for mundane or everyday activities as they are powerful consciousness expanders and should be kept for the highest most spiritual activities. I create custom mala beads from semi precious gemstones. See your local dealer or e-mail me at: